What is life all about

intriguing subject this week, living and the purpose of life. for many different people, this is an easy question to answer, others are still looking for ultimate reality.

i would believe that the very true nature is just being, existing, breathing.

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do we really need a purpose to be fulfilled? do we have to be ambitious in order to prove we are special or grand?

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maybe only to ourselves.

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i fight every day with this thought of being bigger than i am only because deep down i have no belief in what i do. i guess i am a creature who is still looking for that epic validation from myself. my personal views on this subject are very deep – most people have the confidence to either not care what others do or say but i am the very example of someone who sees the value in what others think. it pushes me, it keeps me ambitious, it makes me realize that without this ridiculous idea of validation, i would be nothing.

the big question is whether i want to continue this crazy journey of unrealistic goals or continue to be something i am not. if i had a quarter for every thought people are thinking as they read this, i would be rich for sure.


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