.what if

time. how much do we really have and how do we use it?

i am faced with a reality these days of time and all i have had, meeting many people, experiencing many things and living my life the way i believe it should be lived. today, i see and feel different things about how my life should have went but we all know we cannot change the past. guilt is another word that comes to mind as i truly believe had i made different choices, the one’s i truly love would not be suffering.

imagine if we could control and rewind if we didn’t like something. pause, replay, repeat. but i wonder if we did that would be still be exactly where we are or would the whole world around us alter?

there are some people who would have you believe that their life is just perfect, that everything they have is great and they wouldn’t change a thing but honestly i think they are wrong. no one’s life is as it should be or is. everyone always wants to change something.

i guess i could make a list but my list would be so long i would never a vacation for it. right now, life is what it is and i am making the best of what i have.

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