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    life is hard, i have heard it said it doesn’t have to be but life is full of bullshit and detours we never expect. it doesn’t matter how structured you are or how disciplined you can be, sometimes life takes turns.

    i see so many lives being altered by society, it has to be said : WTF!

    life moments are so important, laughing, singing, enjoying the sun, the birds, life’s little pleasures and most of us forget how to take those moments and turn them into gold. i am a very lucky lady, i have a great spouse, healthy children, a great job and the support of people all around me. i am admired by many, so i am told and i am fortunate enough to be smart. i never take my life for granted because it is precious. it took me a long time to realize and how to focus on the simplicity of life and how to achieve it. i do what i want and what is good for me and i do not for one second regret any of my decisions.

    i also love with a whole heart and believe in the power of acceptance. i hate negativity because i feel it blocks the reality of all that is good. i am forever questioning those who do not feel the need to better themselves or have the ability to even try.

    growing and knowing is my learning experience!


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    A writer who inspires to be living real life experiences.