What i have Discovered

“taken from my book 13 Chaos

As much as I would like to delete certain memories, events and past regrets, I feel myself remembering things more and more these days.

Recognizing defects can be quite a relief but on the other hand, it can also damage your well being.  I was once told that I could love at a distance even though knowing that the future holds no hope for me.

So how do I do this? Simple: It’s just there.

My heart has been filled with love for just one person for what seems like forever and although I am supposed to be moving on from this, I feel myself understanding the more positive side to this. This special lady I know firmly believes things happen for a reason, I am not sure I do anymore.  But I can tell you, I am growing; I am realizing more and more each day that I too am special but I just have to know where to spend my energy and where to put all this love I have. What I wanted once can no longer be and I have admitted that to myself. What I would like to do is send out is all the good and love I have to someone who may need it more than me.

I am good! Here I write a message: “Be that person who does what others won’t do.  If others are too scared to attempt something that you are not scared to do, just go and do it with all your passion and energy.”