.what i am going to teach you

what do we really know about love? how can we define it’s wonder?

people in general have many definitions for this feeling, this idea, this thought and in my experience, there many types of love. the personal story of love for me started in 2006, when i thought i had found my true love.

for some reason i was so blinded by this idea, i really never understood it until years later when my heart was torn to shreds. i blamed myself for everything and never figured out until a few years after that, i was a fool so much that i wrote about it.

i once thought i had it all figured out, soon to discover, i was totally blind about love all together. at a young age, with my children, with people and especially myself. that one i am still working on…

the first book was the one that opened many doors of self discovery for me but also helped me understand this love that i preach so much about. the unconditional love!

you can order and read my book if you like and what  you will understand is a most personal side of my life and how i came here. there is a 2nd edition to that story but never made it to Amazon, i keep in on file, that’s my story and i am sticking to it.

what i find really amazing is how long it took me to really grasp the concept and understand that love can either break you or make you. so what can epic reality teach you about this unconditional feeling?

whatever you want.

when you read my personal experiences you take whatever and leave the rest. no one can sell you on something is you aren’t open to it nor can it tell you how to live your life. when you can really master the art of unconditional, you open your own doors of love.

what you need to remember is unconditional means to love without judgement, at any cost.

today, i want you to look at a person you really dislike, ask yourself why and then consider how important this feeling is.

remember to be epic and join me tomorrow!

a little amateur video i made for the book, fun to see how far i have traveled