What games are being played

word of the day: “spang” – directly or exactly on target

this is a word we use when we take a step back and decide whether our lives are exactly where it should be. there is no doubt in mind there are many of us who feel life has not taken us where we wanted and for most of us, we cannot change anything about it.

half of me believes i could make miracles happen and the other half doubts my ability to become exactly what i want. age has a lot to do with this. the famous words of “had i done this” become apparent and for some reason all those negative feelings come to life. i am a creature of my own insecurities and it is evident, the more i feel as though i cannot conquer a task, the more i feel as though i want to just give up on the impossible.

true story.

i believe it has to do with the environment. if you are surrounded by powerful people of the same nature, the same game, you feel as though anything is possible. you are equal to them and the ability to strike at any moment. but you return to your own reality, you know the odds of getting what you want will fail you. is this a false ┬áhope or the true nature of the game? yes. game, i used that word because i have seen how this works, how people manipulate others into getting what they want and i believe most people aren’t truthful in their actions or even words.

as everyone has their own agenda, it is evident sometimes, we cannot win at anything. however, strategy plays a big part in this moment. then i come back to people. as you learn more about a person, you discover the nature of their own game. you obviously take caution and proceed in a reflective mode.

the best way to decide anything stems from your ability to think things through and tear apart the true nature of the game.