What do i Know


really, i am not kidding. i have been writing shit for years about relationships, life, love, past experiences and still i ask that simple question:  is it all worth it?

i used to thrive on knowledge, knowing is growing as they say and for what this is worth, i can’t imagine why i would want to learn any more. i mean especially with relationships; the bullshit we go through to find the one person that makes us happy and complete or compatible with the impossible characters. when you find yourself alone again, you ask more questions than ever because you constantly are questioning your methods, your ways of life and why they are so wrong from others. why some people like you and others don’t. why some people choose a certain direction when they know deep down it is wrong in all aspects of their lives.

so what are we left with?

more damn questions. i am tired. seriously, tired of questions. why can’t we just be who we are without the concern of how, when, why and where? humans – unconditionally set out for disaster any way you look at it.

by the way for those of you who read this and think i am seriously demented or otherwise, i am not. think about what i say. it is truth and people just refuse to admit certain conditions of their lives. the reality is i am the only person i know that tells it like it is and for the most part people don’t want to see the truth.