What defines the condition of living

the courage to change describes how we live and how we want to live. what and how we attain this is purely one step:


yes, decide, make the decision to change.

when people are faced with the challenge of not being happy they question their ability to live a normal life. then rarely do we understand how to identify strength. some of us are conditioned to believe we only exist to embark on whatever life we see fit. then why are so many of us acting as though we are all actors in a play or a movie?

the true reality of life is fear. fear of judgment, if we say, do, act on the real unhumanitarian way, we will be of some other dimension or certainly be put in a four corner room.

but what if for just one day, you separated the real from the movie and act as though no one was watching how freeing that change would be?

in order to find substance in anything we do or say, we must feel it from within, believe that all is not conditioned and break that conformity.

a short time ago someone said to me ” I want to travel the world” and all the while I was thinking, at that moment all I wanted to do it is sit on a beach every day of my life. how lucky are those who afford this luxury? or are they?

what stops us from being in this time is the means. the means to travel, the means to live, the means to breathe not having that dictation of responsibility of the world. but what about personal responsibility to one’s own passion, happiness, and self-determination. a stray is free to find its way around, sleeping in whatever shelter it can find, picking up scraps from local garbage found in the neighborhood and no one pays any mind to it. but see a homeless person on a public street, under a bridge lurking around shopping malls or food courts with nothing but the newspaper he laid with the night before and immediately people judge.

the reason for the words is that my logic has become so confused with reality and what should of have been, I need to immediately write them down so i won’t forget. the truth is, i am bursting with thoughts and can’t contain them any longer, however my brain works faster than my fingers do.

therefore when we look at decide, the act of we make a conscious choice about something and just do it. one must be firm with this and know this is what we want. you can’t build something if you do not have the tools or a plan but you also need an idea. you can dream the impossible but if you only dream about it, nothing will come of it. if you sit there thinking, your mind is working but the rest of you is hesitating until the mind decides.  deciding is the main factor in all aspects of living. people think you have no control over life but there are some factors you must remember. when you wake up in the morning, it does not just happen, your brain tells you to wake up, it tells your eyes to open, it tells your body to move and you get the picture.

your brain is the main factor in any decision making, whatever your thinking, doing, saying, feeling and certain actions.

Most people do not really want freedom, because freedom involves responsibility, and most people are frightened of responsibility. Sigmund Freud

people who read my blog wonder all the time where do these thoughts come from, my words come out as though they were insane but in actuality, they are forms of decisions. i decide to write what i need to say in order for people to understand my way of thinking. too often they do not but on the other hand is it really for them or is it a conditioning of their minds? they are reading something and the mind either doesn’t understand or it does not want to because it is telling itself not too. this may also stem from an experience they have had where some word or sentence hits them like a ton of bricks, bringing personal feeling into it, then if you reach far enough you will see this decision is purely a direct link to the mind.

we can also decide if it is conscious or unconscious.

decisions are always conscious. an unconscious decision is that of another one’s idea or thought.

a choice is something one consciously does in order to accomplish something they desire. in the end, the cosmos will decide what, what and how because truly we have no control over what the rest of the world will perceive as being destiny.