what comes first who comes second

doomed from the beginning, one can never anticipate life as it comes. i always said, no matter what, no matter how hard you fight to make things right, loss is inevitable.

when it comes to life and love, fighting hard for someone or something is the very reason there is so pain, anger, sorrow and intense confusion.

why can’t life be simple?

things should come easy in life, we shouldn’t have to struggle or fight for love, peace, sanity and most of all our well-being. self inflictions are big factors in this day and age and i have asked that question over and over again, why someone would put themselves through the agony of defeat.

i used believe having goals was the source for one’s achievements but when you spend years trying and trying and get nothing in return, why set those goals?

the new leaf has finally sunk in…live for today, the hell with the unknown, survive for yourself and all cost never open your heart to anyone. have your safety net and be what you want, when you want.

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