.what are you waiting for

my thoughts this morning are people. different kinds of people, why they are different and how we can’t accept some of them. all over the world there are millions of people doing different things in different ways but all mean the same.


so many of us forget how to live life to the fullest. i live in a small town with many different cultures and sting of characters but in my eyes they all have a purpose. we were put on this earth for a reason and some never realize what their purpose is.


what bothers me are the ones that live according to what they think shows a significant front. meaning, they live by an image and never really consider that there are those who would not judge if they were less than fake lets say. because a person, deep down wants to attempt a conversation with an individual whom they know would certainly stir attention in their circle of friends hides their true feelings or gestures, he or she is left thinking: “i should have”.

Believe me..You are Amazing!:

which leaves an empty spot in their very core. i am a very smart woman and know that in the end these people do not mean to shy away from conversation because of social interaction. they do it because they are afraid to live their life according to their heart.

my message today is when you feel an urge to speak out, feel something, just do it already.