We Are All Puppets

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I have been trying so hard to cut the strings of my reality and I am reminded that in this world, we are bound by rules and regulations. the sad thing is that it does matter how we explore new adventures, triumph only happens when we are truly in tune with our own perception.

what bothers me are people who like to control all aspects of life and I am concerned that these individuals cannot see their own well-being. they continue to live in the past and face the truth only when approached. what we do today can certainly make a difference for tomorrow but how we pull those strings can make a great affect on other lives.

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just because someone has had a bad experience, does not mean it will repeat itself over and over again. however, we all know humans are conditioned to think that because some we experience such bad choices or bad things happened to them, they believe this will repeat itself many times over.

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I can assure you not only do I know this is a creation in your mind set by boundaries but I know it is a mind game. when you decide to cut the strings and live unconditionally, you realize that because something is so real, it might be an illusion of a past haunting. decided today whether those bad experiences are really important or are they an imagination best left right where it is.

today, ask yourself what is best for your well-being, ask yourself how important is it to me and then let it go. others need to learn this so we may all live this new life.


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Get $10 off with this code "VACATION10" exclusive #FabFitfun summer box!