.we are all love delusional

little girls and boys were taught that love is pretty much, meet, love, get married, have babies and work hard…or something like that, i really don’t know because i have been living with the idea that love is and can conquer anything.

these days, i don’t believe in love because all my love has been wasted and taken for granted. i teach people unconditional love and yet i keep wondering whether it is illusion or delusion. we hope to find that one person we can spend the rest of our lives with, good and bad, grow and forever keep each other in the right place. only when shit hits the fan and it isn’t great for one or the other at some point and time, we are left with this awful feeling of emptiness and hurt. so we then question all that is possible about love and relationships.

some will cover up those feelings by getting on top of another person and some like me, will seclude herself from any attachments until i feel it safe enough to let myself love again or care about another individual. trust also comes to mind when i read this because you think you can trust people who care but you realize when you aren’t happy people tend to walk away from you because they don’t want to feel your negative energy or they really never gave a shit in the first place.

how can say it enough how this time has taught me not only about myself but how to not give a shit about anyone but my well-being. i see things in such a different light and don’t feel one bit of guilt.

my question is this: why be with a person who does not show the same love as you have put out? it is such an illusion of what you thought could be and isn’t.