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    once upon a time there a young girl…

    then she grew up.

    we have all heard this so many times before and i can honestly say i am in a place where no one should go. chaos has hit and my life is so frustrating these days, i only have one line in mind.

    peace of mind.

    as i watched the snow fall this morning, how beautiful the white flakes were because it represents purity. as it lays itself all over the city, people do not realize how precious this is until it is to late. the many things that define our very core, our well being is being massively destroyed by bullshit, lies and chaos. the stress of it all is sometimes all to much and i can understand that life is what it is but some of us just want that moment in time when all is great, all is calm and happiness is just a turn of a page.

    running away is never a solution but a time of solitude to realize what is needed to be done. i hate that my life has come to this chaotic venue and i have become less worthy or have loss the strength to fight the fight. i am sure in the end it will all be what is best for all but for now, i am creating my own soulful happiness.

    today i seek answers to my questions. i will find them.


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    A writer who inspires to be living real life experiences.