Watch For Signs

Here’s what I know, we all have a mission, a place we want to be in our adult life and sometimes these ambitions never quite really make it. for whatever reason, life can just sidetrack our plan and we find ourselves in a very unfamiliar territory. I can’t even imagine what happens to people who have no life goals and how they exist every day. A few days ago, I broke the bank and bought a new computer, something I have been contemplating for years now. I needed an upgrade for sure and learning my way around this new #epic device has been fun but a bit of a challenge.

When you want everything in one place, it is hard. You can’t always set everything that is important in your little “cocoon”. Your have to let things go at some point and decide to make the changes in order to grow. I am in a career dilemma and this is very hard because I have grown accustomed to a certain financial lifestyle. Although I really hate my realistic job, I like the pay cheque at the end of the week. This stress is causing much physical pain as well as mental and I am really concerned about my well being.

At the end of the day, we all have many choices that need attention and we must make decisions. If we only knew the outcome of all this, it would make life easier. Whether something is in our best interest or if it will fail. I guess I just have to look for signs that tell me whether or not I am right or wrong. In the meantime, another day, another dollar as they say.