wanting something better

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we all strive to be better, to be something we are not or is it just society that makes us want these ideas?

i can remember a time when simplicity or it seemed simple was all i had. one day i woke up and decided that life had to be better than what it is. today, i have more things than i ever imagined and yet some things are still unattainable.

the question is why do i want more?

i guess purpose takes a big role in this. undoubtedly i am the type of person that continues to grow with the idea that i need and want more. it’s all about achievements and i know when i want something, work for it and attain it, i always find something else to work on.

the only epic thing in my life that i no longer have to work for is my personal relationship. i have been blessed with a very good man, whom takes care of me even when sometimes i am not a nice person. love is a funny thing but believing in it unconditionally is my life’s work. i am grateful for him every day and i hope he knows that.

the rest of my subjects, creativity, writing and work are still of course a work in progress. i think it’s a passion of living for something.

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