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anxiety can hit people in different ways, different situations and we all need to accept that these issues are a part of life. growing up, I never understood why people were so mind set and even today, we experience our lives all in many different ways. so why is it we are being judged for who we are and what we do?

some of you may say, “oh, no I don’t do that” but I can tell you, you do. think about your day yesterday; how many times did you look at someone or talk to someone and in the back of your mind you were making some assumption about that person you may have seen or spoken too. a situation arose and the moment you felt uncomfortable, you were anxious for a reason. it is because you did not accept something and it made you want to change the situation.

that my friends is a clear indication that unconditional is not a part of your life and it needs to be present. we cannot be good with ourselves if we are constantly trying to undo what is already done or in stone sorta speak.

people need to accept each other, be present in the moment and feel content that all is where it should be.

so today I ask you: “what can you do to make your sense of anxiety diminish and be a more unconditional person?”


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