verbal masturbation

there is an old saying – “put your foot in your mouth” but i learned recently that the idea of saying what you mean is more important than hiding behind a mask.

i took a trip recently, learning to discover more about others and myself, feeling as though i was on a mission of some sort, as usual, being who i am in my own natural way. i have always been pretty comfortable in meeting new people, socialising, verbalising my opinions when i am confident that my views are important. there are also times when you need to shut up and listen because the wonder of learning strengthens your ability to live and breathe.

honestly, i can tell some bullshit story about how i get off intellectually on knowledge, which i do, but there are times when people say things that really piss me off and i can’t hold back my reactions. this is a man vs woman issue and i have seen my fair share of this disturbing characteristics and more so in the past week. i am a firm believer that both men and women bring so much to this world in their own natural way that we should never compare the two on any level.

i also feel women have come to far to still sit in the back seat and watch men take over the very essence in which we survive. granted there are some that are still living in the dark ages where men and women were not created equal as harsh as this may sound, lived by the rule – men are the strong sex!

women, of all shapes and sizes, professional and otherwise have stood their ground for many things and still today i see a number of organisations that feel the need to fight for our rights as women. this is all fine but what message is that sending out.

a wise woman once said "fuck this shit" and she lived happily ever after ♡:

i’ll tell you my personal opinion:

“that women are still struggling, we are weak and we still men to take us under our wing and show us how to live and support ourselves”

we do not. we may have trials and tribulations, we may need to work harder in fact than most men but we can do anything we put our minds too. there are so many resources out there for the woman movement and the only logic is to find them and use them.

i say this with a heavy heart as i have lived my life without the help of any man, independently and wilfully. i love men and most of you know me, adore men to the core. i just see and treat them as my equal, intellectually and in all aspects of my life.

my current partner will tell you that i am a firm believer that love & friendship comes at a price but not at the cost of lowering my standards. i am very equal to my man and proud of it. we grow each day and respect our values.

we live as one! UNITY