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people who prefer to be alone, single, it is because they fear rejection. all our lives, we are conditioned to find a mate, marry and consummate. well let me give you a bit of information. nowadays you don’t even need  any of the above to be completely happy and satisfied with your existence. it appears more and more people are single and i truly believe their reasons are their own but for the most part it is because they feel a need to protect themselves from hurt.

when you are alone you have no one to answer too, no one make decisions with and therefore you stand alone with your life. however, being alone has its defaults let’s say. alone can turn into other means of satisfying one’s need for love, affection and direction. some may turn to other passions, inflict-ions of sort and really never realize how damaging it is to the human soul.

when you make the decision to live on your own you have a good strong will to make your life the best that it can be. i am in such a situation that i am living for myself, trying to be detached from the things i so was obsessed with and the constant giving to others. now i focus on what is good for me, without losing the love i have for others. but it is a journey i have come to discover many things.

although, i don’t know if one is truly ever happy only because there is always that small part somewhere that society will try to crush.

worthy note: my word is detachment with love but it is also destiny with honor. be all that you can be without fear or regret.


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