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ya know what bites my ass? people who lie, cheat, say things that make no sense in order to make themselves feel better.

i hate fake people – why can’t we all just be who we are and say what we want?

i’ll tell you why, agenda! people have an agenda and for whatever reason they need to fulfil their private to do list on what will today bring, how can i piss someone off and feel good about what i did just so i can be epic.


i am, to say the least, very bold, upfront tell like it is kinda woman and although i am respectful in such aspects of my life, i don’t believe being “un – natural” should be an agenda. yes folks, there are people out there that enrage me.

welcome to my world and for the most part i cannot do anything about it but i can say this:


so for those of you who think for one minute anyone has the right to change the way you are, say, do, talk, opinion, think again.


if i teach anything hear is unconditional – read it again – UNCONDITIONAL.

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