.unconditional feelings

as my week soon comes to an end in mexico, i revisit what i have learned on this journey.

people, places and weather may differ from our own but in the end we are all similar creatures. i think what is important is really our own values and accepting others for who they and what they love.

last night, it hit me how important it was for my niece to accept her new fiance. i have never seen her like this and she was very heartfelt. sometimes i believe i should just shut my mouth and never really tell anyone what i feel because it seems to me that some people are very opposed to honesty or maybe it is because when negativity fills a certain situation, some people have the need to turn things around.

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nonetheless i could see her feelings are very hurt by me saying what i said. there is no winning this battle. even i am an unconditional person, my experience has shown me that when i feel something so strong it is usually true and if not then i stand corrected. she kept saying how important it was that i really accept her relationship and that she was a lot like me. she feels the need to be fixing this. as she gets older she will understand that sometimes, things are not fixable. acceptance is very hard when there different points of view. but i truly believe to be honest at any cost is better than a bullshit lie to make people happy.

i expect no less from others about me.

i am also feeling a bit home sick and will certain be glad to get there. although this place is wonderful, our home is where our heart is. getting back to a normal routine and setting forth new adventures. i am also very anxious to see my sons, one who is back home and the other far away. i am sure that my bf is anxiously awaiting my arrival. he seems a little lost when i am not there, which is wonderful to hear as it shows his love for me.

so for today and tomorrow, my last 2 days here in palm tree paradise, i will enjoy the sun, the ocean and the company of great people.


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