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there are very few things in life that make us feel epic and when that moment hits, we ask ourselves how can we bring that joy and calm to our every day lives?

i sat looking at a picture last night, it was as if starring at it made me feel relaxed, stillness and i realized i was being in my moment. how often we forget to remember what brings us tranquility until something comes to mind or a visual of that peacefulness.

everyone who knows me knows i love the beach. any type of water brings me to that special place and i know i get peach of mind when i am within that moment. i don’t know what exactly happens but i do know when i am near the ocean or in the water, i feel very relaxed as if nothing can disturb me. i guess it is why i get that itch to go back every year and can’t wait to get there. i supposed it is or has to do with the lack of relaxation i take when i am here in the reality of life.

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last year, when i purchased my hot tub, it was substitute, a place where i could at least be in a moment of pure serenity. although it does not conquer the epic sand and sea air, it does take me into a sponge mode for about 15 minutes.

it would be interesting to see and hear what others do for this ultimate relaxation, what makes you epic?

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