Turning Life Around

remember i asked in the special news column to think about your past life and how it affects your present moment? just wondering if anyone has done that and why no comments.

i realize in this internet world people do not like comments or they just browse through and leave.

so today i am looking at the clarity that is needed in order to make a life decision. sometimes we want to do something but aren’t sure how it should be done. there are many factors to consider or your plan may have to be altered. most of us all want to do great in life, i for one have been thriving on that for years but lately i have felt a sudden downfall in my ability to do anything. the negativity that is hitting is so drastic, that i am concerned with my regular routine of life. the good news is i am aware of it and can certainly decide whether it is bad enough to take a closer look or am i just hiding the real truth from the reality.

personally, i know exactly what is troubling me but i can’t say out loud. it is so difficult to live like that for the sake of saving face as they say and i am hating the feeling every moment i breathe. but i have to be responsible and respectable in case it becomes taken out of context.

there is a bigger plan for me in store and all i need is more patience until it finally gets activated. in the meantime i will just do what i do best and take life day by day.