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ever get the feeling people just don’t know how to shut shit off or worse filter their minds? as i gather myself, i am reminded of a time when everything seemed less complicated and wonder if i did this to myself.

i talk often about how to simplifying my life and yet every time i turn around, something else is happening to affect this motivation. take for instance this week, i am being challenged on so many levels, surrounded by people who some i do not know and are equal in my professional sector, although make you feel less worthy of their cause but on the other hand there are those who encourage and motivate in order to feel the confidence need to get through this ordeal.

my interpretations of something are never what others think or feel and this my friends becomes very challenging. i feel frustrated and undervalued, therefore my self esteem at times goes out the door. i do a very good job of hiding it and i am well on my way to discover how i have to be with these people.

direct! i think what i need to do is stand up to them and tell it like it is.

i am who i am, i learn in my own way and in order for me to function properly i have to be who i desire. they will just have to accept me and my feelings and move on. i will lower my way of thinking just because they feel things should be done a certain way. i will definitely make it clear that i have to do this for me and no one else.

they will just have to understand.



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