trying to make sense of it all

There are very few people who inspire me in a day or even have in my lifetime but there are some who make me ask the question:

‘ how important is what a person says to me affect my daily living?’

this my fellow readers is an inspiring moment of truth and how i really see what others say or think of me matters. most of us can shrug shit off, no matter what the circumstances | we should never let another dictate our very existence. on the other hand there is the odd time when what someone says or does really pokes at our core and we walk around all day wondering in ‘awe’.

The reality of it is that we should never ever let what others say or do bother us but how else do we live each moment without knowledge?

yes this is what i call knowledge | knowing how another person feels or acts or even thinks can forever alter our perception of the world. we will certainly take into consideration what they represent and use it to act in a certain way at any given moment.

my life has been a hidden existence for the sake of saving face | let’s call it that | because i am less than quiet or shy with anyone. however, in my daily routine there are times when it is necessary for me to become ‘zipped’ | which i hate by the way | because it is my existence that is at stake.

what i would really like to say to the world is this:

i do not feel it is as important to shut up about anything as it is to shut up by who you are and what you represent. you are who you are and for the most part people should be accepted that way. respect plays a big part in this | as there is a time and place for everything | but why should we no be able to validate our epic personality?

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