.travel reality and people

there is always an epic adventure to be discovered and when i travel it is always a challenge. i find myself feeling a little disappointed this morning as travelling is supposed to be exciting. i believe when you go places, new ideas arise and we can learn so much.

my challenges are always a bit more difficult. i know bad things can happen but it seems when shit happens it comes in large numbers.

i am on a business trip trying to be a supportive member of my organization and the trouble always starts when you arrive at the hotel. luckily, i had a great team of people who came to my rescue and i am so grateful they were here. after settling in my room, i went for a nice dinner and enjoyed a couple of glasses of wine. as i thought to myself, sitting there all alone, i did realize how lucky i was to be sitting in this lovely hotel surrounded by perfect greenery and waterfalls.


yes a waterfall. i kept looking at the pool and hot tub and that was to be my next adventure. however, walking down the hall i met some colleagues and we soon ended up sitting around filling our brains with all the activities we would endure with days to come. it was great to brainstorm with others i hadn’t seen in a year, with a common goal.

a few hours later we head to bed knowing we had a big day ahead. unfortunately our night was short, awoken by the fire alarm at 1:30am. all bundled up, everyone in the building headed outside until we were cleared.

brrr. did i mention it’s freezing here.

now morning, after my second cup of coffee, i think it’s time for some nice relaxation. so guess where i am going before heading out for business.

what did i learn? at the end of day, there are people whom really have your best interests. never underestimate the power of people. we have so much to learn.


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