.time can make you stand still

emotional roller coasters, how dangerous they are and how effective they can be on our lives. i have mentioned, from time to time, how i dream and how real my dreams are. last night was an immense force of past issues. i say that because i know in my mind, it stems from editing my book yesterday, bringing up old past mistakes and regrets.

Image result for colorful wallpaperi really do think if i could erase about 10 years of my life, i would be smarter. unfortunately, if you think about it, erasing parts of your life would only alter the future, the now, the present time would not be the same as it is.

why is it so easy to dismiss parts of your life and others haunt you? there is no lesson to be learned, you have let go of that life you once had and yet the memories are as real as if i was standing there again. knowing i can’t change it leads me to believe it is my own weakness, the regret is stronger and it is altering my way of thinking.

what i need to do is regroup, regenerate and rethink!

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