.things that go wrong accept your fate

i write about life and how we live in the moment, accepting things for what they are and never really looking forward to the unrealistic. even though i believe in this, for me, there is always some factor in my life that puts me down.

people say things to make me feel like a complete loser and for what it is worth, i don’t need to be reminded day in and day out that my past life has been a disaster. but then again there are some who like reminding me or something comes up to enlighten that past life.

i get really upset and for me to let this go is nearly impossible. no matter how hard i try, it seems to haunt me. even this morning, i am thinking about where i went wrong, how different i could have made things and it is really giving me a headache.#epic mug

i need to look at what i have and just be grateful i am alive for one. i must accept there are things i will never have in my life and just make the best of it. i caused my own struggle and that my friends is what i need to realize. forget that i deserve the good life maybe i have been delusional all these years in thinking that way.

so for today: work is work, life is life and just think of it as a lesson.

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