The Truth Be Told

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I am about to get real this morning, for years i have been thinking about say it like it is, being the real me and telling people to live this realism. however, for those who know me on a personal level, my professional life does not allow for such transcripts especially on the internet.

well my friends. this is my life.

what i truly believe is this, it’s my life. why can’t i be and say what i want, when i want. maybe the fact remains i work in a public environment but i am also a web blogger who dishes out the truth about life and for most of my readers, this is the edge they need when they land here on

so let’s get real!

i practice true unconditional everything! whether it’s love, people, life it is all about accepting everything for what it is and never judging. even if i don’t like a person, i accept who they are and what they believe in. if i don’t like a certain thing, i see it for what it is and accept it. life, i take what comes to me and use it to my advantage, in a positive way of course.

i do not put people down under no circumstances because most people i encounter have something very beneficial to say and i learn from that.

what is troubling me most these days is my career. i don’t like my job, i am constantly pretending to enjoy something i really don’t enjoy doing. i used to believe that i had a purpose with this job and now i feel as though it is sucking the best of me right out the fucking door. most people think i go on vacation because it is a luxury but it is because i need to get away from my work life. i can rest, not think about anything, which generally very difficult for me to do and i can sleep.

yes sleep. i don’t sleep well because my brain never shuts off.

next week, i will be 53 and i would really like the kind of job that brings joy to my heart, i would like to retire knowing that i did serve a purpose and be happy doing what i do best. i can’t quit because that isn’t my style so i make the best of what is.

all i am saying is that in order for me to survive every day, i seek people who make me smile and remind me of how important i am in this environment. i can count the amount of people i consider my friends and i respect them unconditionally. i am reminded of a line i heard once:

“what we do does not define us”

tell that to the people.

so what am i left with on this Monday morning. it’s a new week, my Christmas decorations are almost up and my thoughts are travelling with the speed of light. so i must slow down a bit in order to focus. epic is going to change her way of communicating with my blog and see how the world wide web reacts to the truth about life!


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