there’s a thing called simple

my biggest failure is how to simplify my life. it is almost as if i have to keep super busy in order to keep sane. although lately, my physical needs have proven to be more super than i.

so many of us are busy, failing to understand the concept of taking it easy until one day, our lives take a turn and we must sit back and look at what matters.

i have been ‘jibber jabbing’ lately about life in general, over thinking everything and wondering if i am just being a destructive self. being busy is my middle name and satisfaction is the game. my projects consists of wanting the impossible but looking for the next adventure.

i have been working on a new website for music, very challenging but it is my forté! i love it, singing, dancing, listening to new artist. there is something about music that makes the body and soul feel good. i have added a link to my new site, although it isn’t quite ready but i hope to have it done soon as i will be posting it to Google Play for the audience to download to their phones and tablets. if you want to follow the updates go to my Facebook page.



there is a thing about life and it’s called success.

some of us are never complete until we know we have succeeded in all aspects of our lives. i am simply still working on mine.

i want to thank the people who follow and read my blog posts, without their support and acknowledgements, i would never feel complete.

remember, simplify and easy does it!