There is No Peace

I used to be passionate about many things. lately, I have noticed, in my efforts to make things better, I am more frustrated.


I am trying to make something work and it is with a struggle. all these new ideas are failing and I do not know why. I am a smart person, my creativity has gone from 100% to 40% and I can’t seem to find one happy thought. I know it is because of my work but how does one find this passion again? most people will tell you that seeing a therapist or taking a pill will help but as we all know, I am opposed to this kind of thing for many reasons. how can a total stranger even remotely tell you how you should feel or what you should do? they are not experiencing your grief, your pain, your anxiety or whatever is upsetting you and your well-being.

clean slate maybe…

I remember a time when I said I was simplifying my life. Boy! did that ever take a different road?

as it is Sunday, my favorite day of the week but also raining, I guess for today I’ll finish the regular domestic things and continue fixing my new office. where are you these days, I would like to hear from anyone struggling with this feeling?