The portrait of life

greatness is something most of us pride ourselves on daily. we want to succeed, we want people to notice but how far are we willing to go to achieve this?

i am currently making changes to my life, my career because i have too. i know in the end it will be for the best although most of my closest “bffs” are not happy about it. it really is something i have wanted and needed for quite some time now and my reasons are mine. some people in my life will be better off for it as well. it isn’t about proving myself any longer because for some people the struggle of trying to prove that i am worthy of things has came and gone. they do not see the epic me and never will.

as i make this big leap i only look at the end result. it does not matter if i succeed so much anymore but how i will feel at the end of the day. my sanity is the most important thing for my health and my relationship. happiness is something we take for granted at times and we also never look beyond our own personal sacrifices. i see it daily how people are cruel and ungrateful for our hard work and i can no longer stand it or fight it.

today i only ask that we look at our own way of life, career, love and personal growth. are you really true to yourself or are you hiding being people who could care less?


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