The noise

sometimes, i sit in silence. i hear the soft sounds of nothing. other times i hear the roar of the world. it is amazing how when you take a few moments in time and just be, you can hear many things. my brain, like many other people i assume is full of things that should be subsided. it rolls around until you realize, those thoughts are far more noisy than you actually need.

it is good to just be still and silent because it gives you a sense of serenity but also a time to reflect. i do nothing of the sort most days but when i am feeling very overwhelmed, i really take a step back and stop. i can remember a time when i never did that. stop and think. i just blurred whatever came out of mouth without even considering the outcome or the people around me.

times have changed.

as i have been ranting and raving on how tired i am lately, this present life is as busy as it gets. i am still focused on what my purpose in life is  and how it really affects me personally. i do many good things, un-noticed i might add, always being judged for whatever and i can’t help but wonder why people do this, when it seems to me my life revolves around others at the moment.

today’s epic thoughts: i want to let it all go! breathe and be happy.