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this week i am on vacation from my real job, taking a rest to finish up some work around the house and a loose ended project.  it reminds of how important it is to take some much needed time to do the things i like and step away from things that stress me out.

lack of sleep has really affected my day time behavior and i can’t afford to lose my sense of stability. i was thinking about my environment yesterday, how to make things look appealing and comfortable. to often maybe i change many things around me to suit my needs. it is only because i like bright colors and this house is far from being bright. it needs life and i will create it.

another thing that comes to mind this morning is how people are still judging my every move, how when someone shares their feelings and we immediately jump and that moment thinking something else.

why can’t people just accept words for what they are?

if someone shares something personal with you, it is because they want to tell you how they feel. they do not want you to fix it or give an opinion, they simply want the freedom to voice their feelings to make them feel better about themselves. when you answer with contradicting opinions, you lower the idea of making it all good. you make that person feel as though what they just said does not matter and all their efforts were unimportant. probably make them feel worse than they did in the first place unless they have learned to shrug off this negative behavior.

a person who shares their feelings, thoughts and opinions are very important to self discovery. we should never offer opinions unless we are asked too. it will certainly damage that other person more. they will close themselves up, forget their purpose and never really discover how to heal themselves.

i hate being judged, it is a mean thing to do because alters our perspective and makes us feel less worthy of a good life.


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