The Dress Code

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it is all about the realistic life and yesterday i had a vision, the one you get when you look at the way people, young people dress today. i realize we all have our individuality, however, when it comes to school clothes, i am to say the least very disappointed.

parents spend a lot of money buying uniforms for their children and the way the girls wear them is awful. the reason the school system implemented this was to unify the clothes. it does not mean to lift the skirts up where you can see ass or your “hooa”. really how is this allowed.

the other thing i noticed is fashion today, yes we all need to be unique in our own way but i seriously noticed pants especially now a days are half material and half nothing. i want to give them $5 to go buy the rest of it. what are companies thinking these days? are we looking for a way to draw attention or is it necessary to cut corners? i find this unattractive for one thing and if you want to show a little leg, then simply wear shorts.

there is also the idea that tops are way to short; why do we need to draw this much attention to ourselves, is it a lack of respect or none sense?

you decide. i have said my epic reality.


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