.the buck stops here


clear your mind.

close all unnecessary boxes.

things i think about when i want to feel epic and share most thoughts. although, sometimes my thoughts run crazy and it is very difficult to keep them straight. they say to many to things going on but i am a pretty organizer of my life. prioritizing everything that is really important and setting aside time for my peace and sanity.

lately, i am looking for deep answers.

it isn’t so much about who or what i want to be but am i enough.

the buck stops here.

realizing that i am not super woman and that life has it’s own agenda makes me more aware of my needs. half way through my life i realized i am not where i wanted to be and that achieving that would be impossible.


they say it’s never too late for anything but i know you reach a point where some things i better left behind. i find other ways to satisfy my cravings and live what life i have and am grateful for whatever is thrown my way.


because i learn every day and if i can inspire at least one person, i know my job is done.

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