The will to be happy

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i had a bit of energy this morning to write so here i am, i have been sick with the terrible flu and it just sucks the life right out you. it’s good to know that i will survive and will have to return to the real world tomorrow.

being sick also makes you realize how important life can be in a time of need. the ones who really care and the ones who couldn’t care less. i am one of those people who also realized in the last few days, what is really important in my life. i can’t even begin to tell you how disappointed i am that my journey did not go quite the way i expected but the good news is there is still hope. i feel so frustrated all the time lately that i believe the reason i got sick in the first place was that i am defeated.

soon, life will take another turn for me and it cannot happen soon enough. my responsibilities have taken me into a negative realm and it has to stop. my first priority should be me and not everyone else. my body is telling me this and i must listen.

i would like to send out gratitude to those who still care about my well being, who took the time to care in my few days of absence. it shows that some people still have a heart.

as always,  we cannot afford to be defeated by demons but only live by our own means.


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