the value of time

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today i have noticed way to many people waste time with their negativity and complaints. they never shut up about whatever it is that isn’t going right instead of showing gratitude for what is good in the world today.

people complain about road blocks, customer service, the weather and most of all other people. they do not take one second to consider the impact it is having on themselves and the welfare of another human being.

as tragic as one’s loss can be, we should never complain to another about what is meaningless. why not just wake up and say:

“good to be awake, breathing and there is light of day”.

no. people never do, they just go about the world in their grumpy old self life and never stop to consider how that person beside them is reacting or feeling. i for one am feeling less than well these days and especially with all the chaos going on around me. however, i don’t take my shit out on others unless they are willing to listen and understand those are my feelings. i do not pride myself on dishing out my crap on others either; i keep to myself and say nothing unless asked. what has come apparent as well is the lack of respect for one another; we don’t care any more about an attitude can affect ones’ self esteem. you can brush it off all you want, but there is always that one person who will certainly piss you off or hurt you and it lingers for days. those people should be made aware of what they have done, however i say to myself what is it going to me?

more grief? absofuckinglutely!

all i am saying is life is life, we can’t have all that we want when we want, nothing will always be in its right place all the time and the time we spend bitching about nonsense should be spent being grateful for what time we have left on this planet.


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