.the value of sunday

it has come to my attention that most people do not recognize the value of a good Sunday or day off for that matter.  my big thing was i posted a comment on Facebook about lawn mowers and weed wackers on Sundays which annoys me and some people were offended by this.

however, to look at the positive side, my comments were to make people realize how important life is and how we have forgotten the value of relaxing, family, peace of mind and even noise. same things that people take for granted everyday because they don’t see the importance of it. take for example, i would love to see the stores all closed on Sundays again; why do we need to shop on Sunday? why does that extra day a week make a difference? it doesn’t.

it’s there and people use that. what they really need is to learn to time manage and use 6 days a week like their life depended on it. sorta speak… some of you will say but it is the only day i have to fix this, buy that, pay things, etc…but if you look at it,  your life is so rushed just to have that one day a week, it’s Monday again and you took no time for family, peace of mind and relaxation.

( hence the lawn mowing ) the grass will still be there in the evening, or tomorrow.

i spoke to a young girl last night, 16 years of age and we talked about the children today, how technology has  just taken over their lives. agreed! this is because a long time ago, Sunday was the day were no one worked and family became the priority of the day, therefore more time spent with them, less time on Facebook, Computers, PS3’s and Xbox. our society is based on children that fail school, can’t read or write and simply go to school just because they have too. they hang out with friends and see no value in anything else. we have failed our children big time and something should be done about it.

i propose this: lets take it one Sunday at a time, let’s bring back value to Sundays, even if it is 2 or three hours at a time and make a difference in a child’s life for a better tomorrow. if i could change the law of Sunday shopping, i would. people would eventually have to learn the value of it.


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