The Value of Self Esteem, Creativity and Determination

ever get those days when you feel something is out of place, that you just feel as though life is passing you by and you can’t stop and be in the moment?

i am there this morning.

it’s a new week, and i am struggling with how i should continue my blog. i love designing and it seems hard to make this decision only because i want simple but creating at the same time. i have been doing this for years and as my life change, so does my ideas for well proportioned are simply out the window. i think it is because some nights of sleep are harder than others.

ever get those where you wake thinking, was it real or am i just dreaming?

to often for me.

i still strive to be better than ever and i believe this is why all of my life items have to excel 100%. in the next few days, there may be some changes to this way of blogging, writing and even layout as i struggle with my own personal inner issues.

this week, i want to talk about the inner and outside beauty of ones’ own self. how to feel complete and how to get exactly where you want to be. i am heading into the 3rd week of my big career transformation and i am certain it will be an interesting one. i have worked a bit over the weekend studying some much-needed information and i can tell you this still has no regret written on it.

i hope you all have a pleasant Monday and wish you well with whatever you are accomplishing this week.