The Value of Mistakes

i found this read and wanted to share it:

“sometimes the only way i can determine what to accept and what to change is by trial and error.

mistakes can be opportunities to gain the wisdom to know the difference”

all though this is true for many situations in our lives i can tell you it does not always work out that way. i can tell you in the last few weeks, i have learned many things from a big mistake i made and now being stuck in this uncomfortable situation has really got me thinking about my decisions. the sad part is that i can do nothing about it and i am at a crossroads. learning to appreciate some value in what we have is somewhat blinding when we don’t see the future and we know not what to expect. therefore it becomes imperative to learn something from everything we encounter, in what we do or who we meet.

i made a big career change and although my lifestyle is much better for my wellbeing, the material has been a big struggle and i can’t seem to adjust to it. i also thought maybe it would be better to go back to my old job but unfortunately, the company isn’t willing to hire me back, even though i said i would accept whatever hours they would give me.

i accepted it and thought i had moved on but today i am faced with the sadness that my mistake has caused me great emotional stress and i am stuck. lessoned learned is that it was not that i thought the grass was greener but my ambitions were based on that i thought i could accomplish anything and i can’t. sometimes our abilities can only take us so far and some us learn in many different ways. this new thing is just beyond my capabilities and i am suffering.

oh well as they say but the fact remains, i am sad.

as i struggle to find a happy medium, i just want to say if you are unhappy in your career, take a look at what is not working. what is the real issue and figure out a way to either avoid it or fix it. if you can’t do either then find some kind of happiness that will keep you focused and content.