self awareness, self love, self development, how epic are you at these?

it takes much courage to realize when you need self work and unless you are ready to identify these things, you are not ready. the moment something bad happens you begin to question all your abilities unless you know for sure you are capable of living your own reality.

as you live each day, you see things like never before and you start applying better things to make yourself better.

there is no easy way to discover the errors unless you live them. i believe living is being aware of the mind, body and soul of your own self worth. don’t look at it as mistakes, defects, look at the reasoning behind it. sometimes life just happens and we must at all cost take control of it. this is the only way to survive this crazy world we live in and how we are going to succeed at our own self love.

be epic for yourself and not for the sake of making someone else happy. let them find their own destiny in their own way