.the truth about tomorrow

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what do we really know about the truth? do you feel that you are completely honest with people at all times?

i would like to think so, but i know for a fact that people are fake for the most part. this is very sad to me because i believe that if we could just be honest all the time, life would be realistic. all of us would learn to open up our minds and understanding of what to be at peace really means.

i think the best part of this form of communication, blogging, writing, it allows us to say what the hell we want and express our very ideas. it also releases the stresses we feel about things, people because at least if you can’t say it to their faces, you can certainly put here. i hate fake people, if you can’t say it to my face then you shouldn’t even be thinking it. the cowards i know in my personal life are astounding and i can’t understand because i am the most honest person you will ever meet.

position or not, i still believe the in the epic existence of being who you are at all cost. there a few people in my life that i need to deal with and i am not quite sure how they will take the feelings i have inside. they are to say the least very judgmental and have no understanding of what is unconditional. for years i have accepted all that they are and what they believe, this big show of hypocrisy and for what? because they want to be better than everyone else. even my closest friends at times seem to me very naive in thinking that i don’t see right through them.

i do.

i think it is high time i do this epic reality of laying it all out and free myself of this burden. i can’t change what has happened and the people have hurt me can’t take it back. it’s out there, there is no forgiveness for deceit. i would approximately 3 years ago i made a decision to release all the negativity from my life and for the most part this has really opened my eyes on many aspects. so what am i left with, a conscious decision to render the most epic reality of all.

the truth about how i really feel about family, work and the reason i am who i am.



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