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my how time goes by and 2017 is just around the corner.

my thoughts this morning are about life and what everyone is thinking of accomplishing this next year. do we really live in the moment are we constantly worried about the future or even living in the past.

taking a deep inventory of ourselves should be a priority, where am i , what am i looking for, what are my ambitions and how am i going to live completely. to be happy means taking total control over your own personal growth, making sure that what you do in the now is fulfilled. to often we do things we do not like only because it pleases others but are we really satisfying our needs?

Today Top 30 Funny Minions (08:25:11 PM, Sunday 18, December 2016 PST) – 30 pics:

i think we live the way we live only because it is what it is. we do what we have too to survive and never give our self devotion a second thought. we are in a flux of standard living and can never imagine the possibilities of being more epic or producing more. maybe it’s fear, maybe it’s doubt or maybe we feel if we change the moment, life will be altered in a such a way that we will no longer feel in control.

what i am thinking for 2017 is skip the resolutions, figure out what doesn’t appeal to you and make your life Epic!

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