relationships of all kinds makes us realize how strong our hearts can be. we love, we like, we give our all and then in the end, we ask ourselves the ultimate question when the heart is broken:

why me? what did i do?

we try and validate the answer by going over in our minds all the scenarios, the time spend and the actions taken during the relationship. sure, there are signs along the way that show us it is the wrong kind of relationship but we ignore it because we love that other person so much we are convinced we can make it work. the bummer is when you finally realize you can’t do a damn thing about it and it fails, you feel you have failed yourself in some way. then the inevitable happens – self worth and pity.

i can tell you from experience that it eventually fades and you can begin to understand yourself better by seeing the strength in why you began the relationship and how hard you worked to keep it together. you find out things about yourself and then soon turn that self pity into OMG! it isn’t me, it’s the other person. because you make these discoveries, you learn.

so my thoughts for today: relationship worth is all about lessons of one’s self individuality. learning about what makes you happy and understanding what your needs are not what another person needs.