the slum bum chum

there are days we know are better than others and sometimes our thinking can be clouded by shit. yes i said shit because in my reality, shit happens and for some odd reason, i feel as though life has thrown me so many curve balls i should be staring in my own baseball league.

the logic will exclaim it is what you do with life that makes it but honestly i think it is again all bullshit. i say things the reality of life because most people don’t see it for what it is and need a wake up call.


lately, on a personal note, i’ve noticed i have no creativity. do i analyse this until i am blue in the face? no i take a step back and figure out what the hell is really going on. the first thing that comes to mind is either i am not open to new ideas or i just haven’t found the right niche. on the other hand i have been streaming epic thoughts and maybe the brain is working on overload.

we all try and be better than what we think is but do we really consider the possibility that maybe we are right where we should be? no more, no less.