.the shit is about to hit the fan

we forget the importance of life and living and mostly some of the people who have impacted our lives. we also forget how important it is to remind and show these people who they are and what they mean to us.

this week, i will be focused on appreciation. i have come to realize that as we grow older, especially myself, i need so much to simplify my life that other areas need some attention. therefore, tough choices ahead but i know in my heart these will be for the greater good. the people around me will just have to understand and move on.

when your mind and body signals you to do, or make changes, we must listen. since last year or more, i have noticed a big change in myself and i am not liking it at all. i searched far and deep to find the answers, come up with solutions, looked at all the outcomes and i can tell you there is only one answer. the option is clear to me now and i must take this action before it is too late. i have been procrastinating it for a long time and i can no longer wait. i feel myself sinking day after day so much it has become difficult to just focus on what matters.

no i have not loss my mind as of yet but my spirit of happiness and joy is gone. i pretend on a daily basis that everything is ok when in fact i am drowning inside. the good news is i realize it and can fully take charge and change my life for a better me.

i wish more people would do this, floating around like there is no way out of the horror they live and i only wish those people would see what i see. but i can’t change them, they have to do this on their own. in the next few weeks i know times will be tough, people will reject my decisions, i will find it hard to even face some of my piers but it is with a heavy heart that i say, i need to do this for myself.