The sea, day 4

i realize i skipped a day but Sunday was an epic memory day at South Padre Island.

there are times when you should just leave the past in the past, because i believe those memories are just that. past memories! sure it was fun, yes it was a great experience or not but if you hash up shit it becomes totally unacceptable to me.

south padre island was a place i visited 4 years ago when i first came to texas. it was around february 2014 i believe and i was amazed then at the view as i am now. we spent the day at the beach but unfortunately the weather did not cooperate. even so, i am always amazed when i sit at the beach because the sand is smooth and warm to the touch. the waves were high that day, roaring with force and people were everywhere.

sounds like i am writing a novel.

so let’s get to reality. an event took place that really upset the whole day, although i am never shocked or surprised when shit happens because it has been pretty much the story of my life. i can say though it had affected the people around me and it was not pleasant. what i discovered about myself was the more we spoke about it the less i cared.

when something bad happens and you seem completely cold to the situation, it make you realize that because it does not affect you personally you do not react to the situation. i also learned that and spoke out loud about this is the reason i really keep my job, not only for the money but for the sake of someone else’s feelings.

weird how one bad situation can enlightened your own personal growth. deep i had this feeling, like forever but i had never really spoke about it. i think that as long as i know the truth and it’s out there you begin a sense of feeling better about the whole thing.

Image result for cc wings in brownsville txyesterday was a day of shopping, pool time and then party at a place called CC Wings! a night of chicken wings and karaoke of seniors. great place, so much fun to watch.

i going on day 5 now of my epic travel to Texas and we are heading on a boat cruise today. stay tuned.