the rules of time

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2016 is just flying by right?

it seems funny because we all know we epic people, at this time of year, continue to search for what is next. resolutions, new goals, life just passes by. we start to rethink of how we embraced time, if we were nice, did we do good things for ourselves, have we accomplished the things we set out last year.

what i have learned is no matter how much time we have,  we forget the moments. we do not know how to slow down and just enjoy what we have or who we meet or people can affect our very lives.


as i sit here this morning, very early i might add, i think of the word ‘strategy’. although i am very organized, i feel a rush of end of the year things i want to do. as the boxes become more and more enormous, i also feel as though i need to slow down or i am going to bust!

so with these epic thoughts this morning, i guess 2017 will have to be about that. taking one thing at a time, doing what is possible and define my priorities in order of happiness.

think about your life and how you can make it more epic for 2017!


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