The Right Whatever

remember when growing up, your heart was broken over some relationship, it didn’t matter whether it was your first crush or your last and how people used to tell you:

“don’t worry, the RIGHT one will come along?”

why do people do that? do they really think that there is one perfect person that will complete every moment, every breath you take and completely take away all those fears?


i believe this is one area i am an expert on as i have tried on many ‘shoes’ as they say. being someone i am not to make it fit, loving things i don’t like just to be consumed by that other person’s attention and love and there is the enviable bending over backwards for that other person in hopes that they will see how loving you are so that they may learn a few things from you.

guess what? none of it works. i truly don’t believe in that ‘hocus pocus’ anymore, the unconditional love i once thought existed has completely escaped me. people honestly don’t believe that you can be happy with life on your own; i have seen it. i am living proof that relationships do not have to be about being with someone else. after all the trials and tribulations of being in another’s life, you realize the best person to be with is YOU!

today’s a worthy thought: find your center, honor the fact that you can stand alone and be proud without the validation of others.