The Right place and time for a Reason

i have been thinking a lot about change lately, how to make things better, how to make life happy and be content with what life brings forth. a vision of what may come or what has passed is something of an illusion and sometimes we look at the reality and realize maybe just maybe it is the simplest changes that we make that will fulfill our destiny.

i also have been thinking about second chances; when you are faced with the same scenario but in a different way, it is a sign that you did something wrong the first time around and now you are given time to change it. how to approach life in a new light is one the most difficult things to do because you are repeating something you thought was right in the first light and now it seems there is one thing that has to be mended in order to make it better than ever.

the inspiration of being good, successful, happy in what we do or accomplish is very important for survival but it is also crucial for a better you. i have spent the last 8 years working on this epic reality of being better, trying different ideas showing people how i can achieve anything but the question still lies within: what do i want for myself and how can i start believing in the good I have. doubt is the worst isn’t it?

I know one thing for sure, when I am faced with struggle, I get really disgusted because I believe life shouldn’t be hard, it should flow like the wind, come naturally. I think this week I will narrow my thinking and decide what is really important and how to find a happy medium, otherwise there will be no purpose but only disappointment.

let’s see where it takes me; as I always say, if it’s meant to be, then you are in the right place and time for a reason. tomorrow we will discuss ambitions!